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100% Pure Sesame Oil




Oh Huat Hin Sesame Oil Manufacturer, Singapore, has over 70-years history of supplying premium quality sesame oil products under the brandname of "Double Happiness". Throughout the years, the company has continually endeavoured to improve and enhance the quality of its products. 

At Oh Huat Hin, the essence of our business is to provide consumers with traditional products without the compromise in taste. Hence through advance technology, consumers are constantly assured of the quality of our sesame oil products. Future development of our new product will still stick to the company's basic principle of no chemical, no additive and no preservative. This has contributed to making our sesame oil a healthier choice certified by Singapore Health Promotion Board and a brand trusted by chefs and food connoisseurs.

We are currently looking for Wholesalers, Importers, Commissioned Agents and Distributors in different countries to introduce Double Happiness Brand Sesame Oil Products to many different countries in the world.


Double Happiness Brand Sesame Oil is HALAL Certified.
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